Sports Performance

Each training session is one hour in length that will consist of speed, agility, quickness, power, flexibility, balance, and coordination drills that will improve every athletes ability within their sport(s).

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Fundamentals (7-10 yrs)

Fun and coordination based activities during early stages of athletic development will increase the potential of athletic mastery in any sport. 

First Step (10-12 yrs)

Building a foundation in body weight strength and athletic movements that will assist our athlete's throughout their development in sport. 

FAST (12-14 yrs)

Functional Agility and Strength Technique. Also, implementing plyometric training to enhance athletic power in sport. 

Accelerated (14-18 yrs)

Emphasis on muscular development and strength training while continuing to focus on flexibility, enhancing speed, agility, quickness, and explosive power.  

Elite/College (18-22 yrs)

Our Elite training program brings intensity through advanced strength training programs, along with speed, agility, quickness drills for specific sport.

Adult Fitness (18 yrs +)

Each workout is designed to fit any lifestyle and ability level. Sessions will incorporate full body circuit training that will give you the best workout.  

1 on 1 Training 

Open scheduling

Whether it be coming back from injury or wanting the 1-on-1 attention from one of our certified strength and conditioning professionals you can have personalized training sessions to achieve your ultimate goals.