Get faster, more agile and stronger.

We take each athlete through a series of strength, speed, agility, quickness, flexibility and body weight assessments that will show us what individuals needs to work on as well as where they fit best within our training program. 




No matter the sport, we can help your student athlete improve their overall athletic ability. 

Individual Training
Our trainers will analyze the student's strength, gait and balance to identify areas for improvement. We will create an individualized training program and will work with your youth to reach their potential.

Small Groups
Gather a few teammates and get the benefits of sport specific training. Small groups are 2-8 athletes.

Team Training
Have your entire team cross-train together to build strength and endurance.



We have adapted the techniques we use to train our student athletes to change the lives of adults seeking improved strength and flexibility. 

Small groups
Our small group training sessions provide personalized guidance and encouragement. Bring your own small group or ask Kale about joining an existing group. Small groups are usually 2-8 people.

Individual training
One-on-one sessions are tailored to your individual needs and health goals. Your personal trainer will provide the safety, encouragement and motivation you need to get through the toughest workout.

Independent training
We provide a personalized daily work-out for you to complete independently in our facility. We are there to provide support and answer questions.